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Join Us and Discover The Secrets of Chinese Herbs
An Ancient System That Can Improve
Your Health in the Modern World

Date: June 7, 2012
Time: 9-4 PM
Place: Unity Church 417 East Cordelia
Springfield, Ill 62703
Cost: $75.00 (live class only) $147 (complete course with
manual and certification)
To register call: Tree of Light Publishing
800-416-2887 or go to

Holistic, Alternative, Natural health, Wellness Center, Springfield, IL

About Nature's Sunshine
Nature's Sunshine
was formed in 1972 and went public in 1976. The quality research department began in 1979. In 1990, it was one of the best 100 small growth companies and by then was an international company. They do their own manufacturing and achieve results by practicing good manufacturing practices.

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Recommended Reading:
Resonance by Alex Duarte, Based on the Original Rife Technology
The Cancer Care That Worked —By Barry Lynes

We Offer a Great Business Opportunity Through Nature's Sunshine and/or Nikken™
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Since NSP business began over 30 years ago, it as has been their goal to help you find better health through natural supplementation and trusted methods of knowing your body better. Come see what we have to offer – we may have just what your body’s been looking for!


The Healing Power Of Nature -

We all know vitamins and minerals are important to our overall health, and herbal remedies are often trusted for many of life’s illnesses.  But, the problem is that most over-the-counter vitamins are incomplete and burdened with chemicals, and many herbal supplements offered in the general market are of no guaranteed quality and are encapsulated without standards to ensure the potency or even the consistency of ingredients.

Here at Get Well Center, we carry only the finest lines of herbs and supplements–in capsule, tablet, or liquid form like Nature’s Sunshine Products (considered the quality leader in the herbal industry), liquids and extracts, a full line of homeopathics, and essential oils.

Acidophilus (90) Detoxification (1 fl.oz.) GARLIC, HIGH POTENCY, SYNERPRO (60 TABLETS)



Relax while sitting 1-6 feet from the device.  Depending upon the condition being addressed the use time may vary from as little as 9-15 minutes.  Maximum of 90 minutes twice a day with a detox time of 4 hours.  Beam Ray users have had excellent results with eliminating pain associated with all of the following: Cancer, Lyme Disease, Pneumonia, Colds/Flu, Hepatitis, C-Herpes, Parasites, Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus, Shingles, Allergies, and Fibromyalgia.
The control of the body’s chemistry is critical to eliminating a disease and also to keep it from returning at a later date.
Recommended reading: Resonance by Dr. Alex Duarte and The Cancer Cure that Worked by Barry Lynes.

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Wellness Collage - Realize your optimum wellness with all natural and organic vitamins, herbal remedies, and weight loss products from our Springfield, Illinois, location.

Achieve optimum wellness with products and services founded in the healing power of nature from Nature's Sunshine - Get Well Center with All Natural Herbal Remedies.  We offer herbs and supplements you can trust ranging from pharmaceutical grade vitamins and minerals to herbal remedies and weight loss products. Additionally, we offer a number of massage therapy services to relieve the stress and tension you accumulate throughout your day. Enjoy the extensive industry experience, all natural and organic products, high-quality assurance, and licensed professionals that have made us a Springfield, Illinois, favorite for more than 12 years.

Remedy your ailments with our all natural products using the Natural Health Coach,
Nutrient Surveys, Quantitative Fluid Analyzer (urine and saliva analysis), using Beam Ray Light and Sound Generator and Full Spectrum Lighting, detoxify (detoxification) with Ion Cleanse Foot Spa, Bio-chemical (Biochemical) Blood Analysis, Magnetic Therapy, Massage Therapy, Reiki.

Realize your optimum wellness with all natural vitamins, herbal
remedies, and weight loss products, using Bodygem™ Resting Metabolic Rates and Balancelog™ from our Springfield, Illinois, location.

Stepping up to better health with natural sup limitation and products with trusted methods of quality insurance to know your body better. We all know vitamins  and minerals are important for to our overall health, but the problem is that most over the counter vitamins are incomplete and burden with chemicals, pesticide, herbalize, herbicides, and offer to general market are of no guarantee quality and incapacitated without standards.

Cancer detoxification without the side effects of chemo-radiation using finest line of pharmaceutical grade products and therapies. Fine the exact natural help that you have been looking for to determined what products are the best for you. Utilizing nature sunshine products.

Rosie Christy
Owner-Massage Therapist

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Realize your optimum wellness with all pharmacutical grade vitamins and natural herbal remedies, as well as weight loss products from our Springfield, Illinois, location.